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MJ International Trading GmbH

Vinzentiusstraße 14
D - 68789 St Leon-Rot

Tel. +49 6227 3980034
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MJ International Trading GmbH is specialized in marketing and trading between China and Germany for electrostatic painting industry. Mingjie Coating Technologies Co., Ltd., with high performance in rotary atomizer and spray gun manufacturing, has internationally advanced site of design, manufacture, service, training, application and display in Langfang, Hebei province, China. As the most advanced and comprehensive enterprise that specializes in rotary atomizer and spray gun manufacturing, MJ strictly abides by IS09001 , each link including product design, manufacture, delivery, customer service and after-sales service, etc. is conducted with perfect process and high quality to ensure superior products and efficient service. From air spray gun to electrostatic air spray gun, to high-speed electrostatic rotary atomizer, from fixed coating to reciprocating, to robot coating, from single component to plural component paint metering, to multi component paint supply metering system, MJ specializes in providing perfect coating system products technology and solutions as well as comprehensive technical support and professional value-added services.

Products index

1020 Painting machines
1110 Spray guns, compressed air
1140 Spray guns, electrostatic
1150 High-speed spinning atomisers for liquid painting
1160 Spray guns, other